Second Annual Warrior Challenge

Second Annual Warrior Challenge

On Thursday, April 28, the Vaughn College Athletic Department hosted their second annual Warrior Challenge. The Warrior Challenge is a physically demanding obstacle course that tests the individuals' will power and their mental toughness. Eight teams signed up to compete in the Warrior Challenge, which bested our six registered teams from the previous year. During the challenge the teams competed against one another, two at a time, in a head-to-head relay race. Each participant on every team was required to complete the entire obstacle course in order for their team to qualify for the grand prize. Completing the rigorous obstacle course was an accomplishment on its own. The Athletic Department would like to congratulate the Blue team for winning the 2015 Warrior Challenge.



First Place: Blue Team - Tawanto Snead Jr, Maleec Taylor, Rashad Luckett, Robert Williams; Time 26:10

Second Place: Black Team- Salvic Huley, Patrick Batey, Mark Robinson, Joao Pires; Time 27:18

Third Place: Teal Team – Emily German, LacyRose Dickinson, Maia Rivers, Nicole Conley; 34:44